IT solutions for personal data management

Lant platform

We have developed a new IT application to manage personal data.

It is a tool that combines flexibility and power, as it facilitates data management, from a self-employed person to a micro-company, using automatic configuration by just entering their field of activity, to customised parameterisation to meet the needs of a major organisation.

Our application is already used in 5 states of the European Union in response to our multinational clients.
IT platform for personal data management
personal data management application
  • It groups together all the documentation in the same application. +

    • All your data protection documentation will always be available.
    • You can download or send it digitally at any time, without handling hard copies.
    • It provides an Activities Log, Risk Assessment Report, Security report and all the required registries.
  • It enables online signing of contracts and clauses. +

    • It automatically generates data processor contracts and creates a link for online signing.
    • It can send links for online acceptance of clients’ and workers’ clauses with no need for hard copies.
    • It automatically generates a log of approvals.
  • It monitors and creates traceability.+

    • In accordance with the client profile it sends regular controls to verify compliance.
    • It generates traceability in line with the proactive principle of responsibility of the regulation.
  • It manages requests to exercise rights+

    • It generates a specific link for each user to include in clauses and documents.
    • The link offers access to a rights application form.
  • It is always up to date with any new legal innovation+

    • We add any new legal innovation to the system.
    • We constantly update the platform.
  • It creates users with restricted consent+

    • Users with different profiles can be created for large organisations.
    • Each user can only access the sections enabled for their profile.
  • It has a specific module for the DPO+

    • IT is enabled for those clients who have appointed a DPO.
    • It groups together all the information and working documents of the DPO.

It is a tool that combines flexibility and power, as it enables data management of a self-employed person to a micro-company, which can be automatically configured just by entering their activity, to customised parameterisation to respond to the needs of any major organisation.