Lawyers experts in personal data protection

What is Personal Data Protection?

Personal data is any information that makes it possible to determine, directly or indirectly, and without disproportionate effort, the identity of any individual.

All organisations and companies processing personal data in their business or professional relations and the processing of such data are regulated by law.

Personal Data Protection consists of protecting them and processing them solely for the purposes for which the data subjects provided them, without disclosure to any third parties without authorisation.

This protection involves applying certain protocols and the security measures provided in law in accordance with the data in question.

Personal Data Protection is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 which is common to all the European Union and the LOPD-GDD 3/2018 which implements in Spain those aspects that the Regulation has ceded to local regulations.

It will always be a lawyer who will advise you and provide you with personalized attention.

The solutions of Lant Abogados

Since 2000, LANT ABOGADOS has offered a highly specialised service for adapting all types of companies and organisations to the data protection law.

The key feature is to offer an efficient solution adapted to every need.

How do we achieve this?

  • With a team of expert lawyers: you will always be advised by a lawyer who will provide you with personalised attention.
  • With our own IT tools. We have developed a specific platform which:
    • Groups together all the documentation in the same application.
    • Enables online signing of contracts and clauses.
    • Performs monitoring and creates traceability.
    • Has an extension for mobile devices to receive approvals.
data protection solutions
Attorneys for freelancers and microenterprises

For the self-employed and micro-companies

We have pre-configured our application for every business sector to achieve comprehensive adaptation of the company within a very short time and at an affordable cost.
Lawyers for small companies

For small companies

We adapt the service to the needs and actual complexity of each company, and when a personal visit might represent an unnecessary cost, we perform remote adaptations to optimise resources and adaptation costs.
These are always carried out by a lawyer via telephone or Skype interviews, in which they customise our application and provide a comprehensive consulting service.
Lawyers for medium and large companies

For medium and large companies

We provide presential, customised solutions for every type of company and organisation.
We customise our application to any data-processing need, making it a powerful tool for creating user profiles, operating in 5 languages. It also includes a specific module for the Data Protection Officer.
Our application is already in use in 5 states of the European Union, meeting the needs of our multinational clients.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

For those organisations or companies which, by law, or out of convenience, must appoint a Data Protection Officer, Lant Abogados offers a comprehensive outsourcing service which, in line with our principles of efficiency, we can adapt to any requirement.

Our services range from the appointment and training of an internal officer, to our full assumption of the obligations of the DPO as an external officer, covering any needs our clients may encounter.

All the documentation generated (reports, minutes, audits, etc.) is filed and recorded in the DPO Module of the Lant platform, creating full traceability of each task.

The solutions of Lant Abogados

Data protection insurance

Lant Abogados has an agreement with the company AIG under which we insure against data protection penalties for the small and medium size companies we have adapted.

This insurance is automatically applied to companies with a turnover of under 2 million euros. For larger companies with have a specific quotepad to offer individualised solutions.

Our data protection services

  • Legal adaptation to the GDPR aligned with every sector and type of company.
  • Performance of Risk Assessments and Impact Analyses.
  • Compliance audits.
  • Personnel training in data protection via our own training platform.
  • Recording of personal data processing using our IT application which includes:
    • Log of processing activities.
    • Repositories of clauses and processor contracts with a digital signature.
    • Security reports
    • Monitoring and regular review reports.
  • Introduction of security measures. This includes legal-IT analysis and the necessary recommendations for implementation.
  • Advice on Data Protection Agency inspection.
  • Legal defence vis-à-vis the Data Protection Agency and Administrative Litigation.
  • Outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer function.