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The exchange of information and business via webpages and Apps must comply with certain legal requisites. When a webpage or App is developed, either to inform, exchange information, provide services or perform ecommerce, these requisites must be taken into consideration and applied. It is not only a case of informing, but the design itself of the website or App must conform to law.

Some requisites are mere formal obligations, such as disclosing the ownership of the website, while others are operational, such as authorisation requests for an App to use certain functionalities of a device. There are also contractual requisites, such as signing the contract conditions in the case of a business, with the requisites set forth in the Consumer Protection Law.

The acquisition of personal data and installation of analytical and/or advertising cookies in the user’s device is of special importance. In these cases, expressly obtaining the necessary authorisation is key to carrying on the activity.

It is not just about informing, but that the design of the website or the App conforms to the law.

The solutions of Lant Abogados

Lant Abogados has engaged in the law on new technologies since 2000 which provides us with ample experience in all types of webpages, applications and the use of social networks for draws and events.

We provide advice on developing webpages and applications so that they comply with the law and information is acquired legally and can be used for the purposes sought.

In keeping with our philosophy, all our adaptations are aimed at legally obtaining the results required by the functionality of the website or application.

New Technologies solutions

New Technologies Services

  • Review and adaptation of webpages and mobile applications to the Information Society and ecommerce Law (LSSI).
  • Drafting of legal notices, privacy policies and authorisation to use cookies.
  • Formulation of General Contracting Conditions for carrying on ecommerce activities.
  • Analysis and legal consulting for advertising campaigns using electronic means (Interactive mailing with websites, email, SMS, social networks, Twitter, etc.).
  • Legal consulting on activities that entail the use, transmission or acquisition of personal data using electronic means.
  • Study and legal analysis of ecommerce activities.
  • IT Contracting. Preparation of software development and hosting contracts.
  • Terms and conditions for draws and competitions.
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