Money laundering prevention services

What is Prevention of Money Laundering?

Some sectors of our economic system can be used to launder money. It may flow from both illegal and legal activities but is opaque to the tax authorities.

To prevent this, the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering has classified certain activities (the so-called Reporting Parties) as susceptible to be used by money “launderers” and imposes certain obligations, actions and procedures on these parties which they must comply with for prevention purposes.

These obligations can vary a great deal in accordance with the size of the reporting party, so it is important that the introduction of any measures be aligned with the company’s needs.

It is important that the introduction of any measures conform to the company’s needs.

The solution of Lant Abogados

At Lant Abogados we have a team of experts acknowledged by the Spanish Anti-Laundering Authority (SEPBLAC) who, in keeping with the philosophy of the firm, have developed methods suitable for any reporting party, irrespective of the sector or size.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the law and how it must be complied with to perform a balanced and properly sized adaptation. We provide a clear Procedural Manual with precise indications on what action to take to prevent any misinterpretation of the law from affecting your business.

Our continuous training programs for reporting companies are based on courses 100% created internally, which we review every year to incorporate recent practical cases. We teach these courses using our own training platform.

Money laundering prevention solutions

Money Laundering prevention services

  • Adaptation to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering.
  • Audit Service (external expert report acknowledged by SEPBLAC).
  • Compulsory training of staff in risk areas via our platform.
  • Formalities, communications and defence vis-à-vis the SEPBLAC.
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