Abogados Lant data protection solutions

About Us

  • Since 2000, Lant Abogados has offered legal services to companies, always at the forefront of the law on new technologies and personal data protection.
  • Lant Abogados combines its specialisation with a solid team of lawyers experienced in corporate management.
  • This approach enables us to always seek out efficient solutions which adapt to the needs of each company without unnecessary costs or work.
  • To this end, we have developed our own IT applications to help our clients stay permanently up to date and to apply the law in the simplest way possible using advanced technological solutions.
  • We offer optimal solutions to all types of companies and organisations, from the self-employed to major multinationals.
  • We offer all our clients personal attention and a swift response which, despite having thousands of clients, makes each one feel unique.
  • Lant Abogados has an unequivocal commitment to ethics. Our priority is to act in accordance with the law and maintain the integrity of our conduct in every field.
The Lant Abogados team combines the specialization of a solid team of lawyers with the experience in business management.