Equality Plan Management System

Efficiency is at the core of Lant Abogados’ philosophy, and with this in mind we have developed a specific IT platform to create and manage the equality plan to achieve maximum automation of the procedures and centralisation of the information at a single point of easy access.

It greatly simplifies creating a plan by preparing all the possible documents with one data load.

It prepares the Equality Plan by combining the existing elements of the platform (actions, diagnosis, remuneration audit, etc.) by manually loading the documents we have generated based on the information gathered.

Once the plan is complete, it is the perfect tool for monitoring the actions and for managing the meetings of the equality committee.

System offers the following functionalities

  • Record of remuneration, created using an Excel data load.
  • Automatic gap reporting. Remuneration audit.
  • Management of the negotiating committee (appointments, minutes, etc.)
  • Equality Actions Plan, individual file with description and tracking record.
  • It contains all the diagnosis elements and full report.
  • Equality Plan that automatically incorporates the above features.
  • Plan statistical sheet for enrolment.
  • System for conducting anonymous surveys.
  • Training module.