Equality Plan

Since 2007, companies with over 250 employees are required to draw up an equality plan. Subsequently, in 2019, this requirement was extended to companies with 50 or more employees together with registration of the plan with a central registry.

Two Royal Decrees were published in October 2020 implementing this legislation: the first referred to the negotiation, formulation, and registration of equality plans, while the second covered the recording of remuneration. In addition, it provided for a mandatory gender-centred audit of remuneration to be incorporated into the Plan.

This platform has been designed for use by any type of company.

The platform has been designed for use by any type of company.

Solutions for the development of the Equality Plan for companies

Efficiency is at the core of Lant Abogados’ philosophy, and with this in mind it has developed a specific IT platform to create and manage an equality plan for maximum automation of the procedures together with centralising the information at a single point of easy access.

Aware that diagnosing and analysing remuneration involves handling large volumes of data and information, we use a simple file loading system in Excel or CSV format which automatically generates the necessary analysis data on the platform while incorporating tables and graphs into the reports for easy analysis.
As regards qualitative data, we adapt the diagnostic questionnaires so that the responses directly form part of the reports.

A statistical summary of the remuneration record is available with a single click and can be shared on demand by sending a link.
Action plans are easy to enter on the form, because  the actions module, in addition to offering a simple method of visualising its monitoring and evaluation, also generates any necessary lists and files which are then automatically incorporated into the plan.

The end result is that all the information regarding the plan is centralised, vastly simplifying preparation of the plan.

The platform has been designed for use by any type of company.


Lant Abogados services

  • Consulting services for the creation and formation of the negotiating committee
  • Creation of a remunerations record and Audit Report.
  • Support for diagnosing and proposing measures
  • Drafting of the Equality Plan
  • Elaboration of a statistics sheet and registration of the plan.
  • Follow-up of the plan and documentation of committee meetings.