Compliance Management System

Compliance Management System

Complete compliance management in a single application

Lant Abogados has developed its own IT platform to manage the Compliance Programme which will enable your company to manage its compliance model efficiently. It requires no integration as it is accessible via any Internet-connected device.

Compliance Management System
It is the most practical method of managing the compliance model, with no paperwork, always up to date, offering full traceability and also certifiable to UNE 19601 standard.

The system offers the following functionalities

  • It creates traceability of every action.
  • It can send links to documents for online acceptance by employees.
  • It includes a dynamic risk map that calculates the risk level of every crime in accordance with its probability and impact, and associates it with the preventive measures in place.
  • It incorporates a compliance incident management system.
  • Users can be created with access restricted to certain functionalities.
  • It has a training module with a test and record of performance.
  • In addition, the system will always offer an up-to-date version of:
    • The Organisational Model.
    • The Code of Conduct.
    • The minutes book of Compliance Committee meetings.
    • The prevention standards and regulations with a record of approvals.
    • The updated documentation of employees: proof of training, acknowledgement of receipt of the code, etc.